I work privately and with medical teams in a clinical environment.   Every person is unique, and complete attention to a client's individual needs in a calm environment enables a tailored and comprehensive treatment. Anatomical knowledge is not enough. Sensitivity and intuition built over time make for an effective therapist. The most important thing is to listen.

          "The injury was a problem for years.

After one treatment it was gone and never came back"  

      Jose Varela, Muay Thai Grand Prix World Champion

          "James kicks massage ass - soul balm - mind blown."  

      Lucia Adams, Managing Editor i The Independent

James has 20 years yoga practice and is a muay thai kickboxer, climber, runner, swimmer, dancer and fitness expert.

He works with many professional sports people and performers, people with serious medical conditions, and a range of clients dealing with the stresses of day to day life.